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Friday, August 04, 2006  

Hello, I'm back

Hello, everybody. "I've escaped." MY mother had me locked up in a mental ward, based on the ideaa that she couldn't pick me up if I fell down.And as a result of the stroke I had last December, sometimes my left siDe doesnt work right and I fall down. The hospital founf s placee at Rennaisance PLaza, an old folks home where they can help me if I fall, and I can move alright with a walker, so I"m renting an apartmernt based on Sofial Security Dissability.

This Time It Was Pnumonia

I collapsed in the lobby and they called the fire department, who took me to Wilson Hospital... After a week. they took me to a nursing home, The Waters, where I spent a week throwing a tennis ball to therapists. Like my T-shirt says, Does the word 'Duh,' mean anything to you?

So I'm back. again

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